About Me

HI, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Carrie. I am the lucky mom to two little sous chefs and wife to a foodie (just like myself).  I started my creative culinary adventures at a very young age.  I grew up in a family with 6 girls including myself., my poor dad was outnumbered for sure. My mom is an awesome cook, but only cooks out of necessity.  She'd rather be sewing, painting, or even weeding the garden over cooking any day.  So, as soon as we were old enough we were assigned a night to prepare dinner for the family.  I am so thankful for this.  When I moved out, my roommates would be eating ramen, or mac and cheese, while I prepared full meals, fresh foods and loved every minute of it.

My love of good food grew when I started dating my now husband, and I moved to Dublin, California to be closer to him (we don't do long distance very well, and phone bills were out of control).  He introduced me to San Francisco, and the wonderful culinary choices there.  We loved trying new places, finding new favorites, and then re-creating them in our tiny little apartment kitchen.  We loved hosting dinner parties for our friends and family, or packing a gourmet picnic and heading to the beach or a nearby park. 

When he moved me back to rural Utah it was quite the shock.  We had to really get creative in order to have those foods we love.  Because we lived in the middle of nowhere, really we did... it took over an hour to get to the closest city to do any major shopping, we'd meal plan and do our big shopping trips to find the ingredients we needed.  We got even more creative when we couldn't find ingredients we loved and had to compromise.

Lucky for all of us, the Hubs job changed and we are now living just 15 min from Costco, and many other options.  We still eat out very little and love to create in our kitchen.  We are training our little sous chefs to be foodies with us.  Some nights dinner is a wonderful experience with them.  Other nights they have to be bribed to try one or two bites, but more often than not they decide they like it.  I think it helps that I started them off with every different kind of food I could think of and continued as they grew.

I love to cook with fresh ingredients, and try my hardest to avoid any processed foods.  My mantra is, if I can make it, then why not...  I've perfected our favorite sandwich bread, tortillas and many more items, so that they''ll no longer appear on our shopping lists.  We love to get produce from Bountiful Baskets, it helps me to stretch our creativity by providing ingredients we may not normally use. 

Thanks for joining me on my creative adventures!  I hope you find something that makes you drool :)

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